Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Engagement Party

A little over 4 years ago this little tiny beautiful girl asked my brother to make it official bf-gf status and 4 years later on their New Years Anniversary he proposed!! I couldn't tell you how excited I was and the anticipation that was killing me for him to finally pop the question when I found out his plans. The ring was absolutely gorgeous and just the right price range for him. So we when talked about celebrating their engagement I couldn't help but immediately yell "I CALL DESSERT TABLE!!"

I was stoked that I was finally going to get to be able to do my first full dessert table for an event - and the best part was, my whole family would be there (thats around 60-70 people) to see it! Here are some pictures of table. 

I handcut that garland - had to be around at least 500 different hearts, did I mention my hands are killing me this week?

Here are some of the cookies I came up with for them.

 Here is the scrumptious cake that everyone was so scared to cut into, custom with their own topper.

I also worked on red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting and a white chocolate gold engagement ring topper. 

I handmade the majority of the cake stands as well as I didn't have a very large budget to work with. The only ones I purchased and did not change were the gold ones - I found them for super cheap at Home Goods - GARSH I LOVE THAT PLACE!! 

Hope you enjoyed - I'm pooped!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Broncos vs. Seahawks!!! Snooooooze!

Um, I hope you didn't miss the amazing Superbowl game!!! It was truly mind blowing.......

In all honesty, I think I stopped paying attention after the first safety...oh yeah, that was the first play. Something was off about that game, all you crazies can accuse people of throwing the game by being bought by the other team etc etc - I think that Peyton just choked, big time. Pretty bad luck to have a safety in the first play and then the whole team fed off of that. Darn it, I was rooting for the Broncos. I'm 95% sure that it was the worse entertainment in NFL history for however long the Superbowl has been running. Anyway! I made these in support of both teams, seeing as the dude and I were having friends over that were rooting for either teams - I truly tried to make them both of the same quality - but I'll be honest, I don't care for the Seahawks...I don't exactly know why, and please please don't ask!

Unfortunately I think I made my white icing on the Seahawks logo a little too thin and didn't let it sit to have the air bubbles rise to the top before I put it in a piping bag and went on my merry way. I really really wish I had been more patient with these, seeing as I ended up having a lot of craters and air bubbles pop on the top. Boooooo!!!! The one and only thing I hate about royal icing that is if you don't have the utmost patience, it turns on you like a stepmother in a Disney Princess anyone else totes hyped about Maleficent!!!! I mean...I'm a little excited...I guess...

Anyway, here are the goods, what you've been waiting reading for...

To start the Broncos logo, I printed a logo and cut it out on parchment paper after tracing. Then I placed the cut onto my freshly chilled rolled dough and cut out with a small paring knife - here are the templates I used.

 After baking/cooling I traced the logo onto the cookie so I would have a good reference for piping as seen below.

I then repeated this procedure for each Broncos logo and Seahawks logo. While I baked the Broncos logos I had also cut with cookie cutters a few footballs and football helmets to balance out the platters I was going to put out for the party.

Here is the Seahawks logo cut out and lined with a food ink marker.

 And here is the Seahawks logo after I had flooded in dark blue/navy before tracing on with a sharp scribe tool where I would be piping the Seahawks detail.

I truly truly truly meant to show you guys every step of the way on these cookies, and I would have...had I not panicked the day before the party trying to get everything ready, cleaning the house and remembering that I had dinner plans with a friend - a dinner which gave me food poisoning and sent me straight to bed the night before! Oi-vey did I freak out. All in all, I have to show you the end result that I think turned out pretty well, I have to admit. 

The white icing started to crater on the seahawks probably because I had to start rushing. I got extremely sick the night before the party (that night I had planned on having plenty of time to finish these ones) and had to go to bed because I couldn't even see straight. ALWAYS REMEMBER - patience is the most important part of cookie decorating - without it, you will crater, not pop an air bubble, get the color wrong, pipe a dark color in a light WRONG spot, punch a whole in freshly crusted icing, or by Murphy's law drop a freshly flooded cookie flat side down onto the CARPET, never the hardwood floor that would easily wipe up - oh and by the way it is never the icing that is the same color as the carpet. 

Hope you guys are having an awesome weekend, I'm practicing rose cakes this weekend for the brother's engagement party and will be sure to post first thing next week.


Monday, January 27, 2014


While we were in the beautiful Oahu the boy and I met up with one of his superiors at work - she was in town for business and had some free time. She showed us around quite a bit, being more familiar with the area than we, and we had such a blast. We started with some wine tasting at a bar that is, get this, in the middle of a furniture store! Totally weird! Awesome wine and amazing grilled cheeses!!! After that we went to ...dun dun dun...LEONARD'S! If you haven't had Leonard's before, it is a portuguese bakery that is famous for their malasadas - a donut like pastry that is covered in sugar and often filled with different fillings like jelly, custard, chocolates etc. Growing up portuguese these were always a staple over at Grandma's house and visiting Leonard's was seriously like a trip down memory lane. I couldn't thank Kari enough for showing us around and being such a wonderful host - so I did what I do best and baked her a batch of cookies!

Her favorite disney character is Eeyore so I decided to base it around that and here is a short tutorial on how I used tissue paper in order to get the character just right - I haven't yet wanted to invest in a Kopykake because I am a very apprehensive spender.

Here is a quick sketch of an image of Eeyore that I found online. Note that I first traced the picture and then measured what exactly size I wanted the cookie to be. Then when cutting out the cookies I made sure to use my ruler so that the image would transfer as closely as possible.

After cutting, baking, and flooding with a base of royal icing - you have this.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A sassy girl's tea party!

Every year around Christmas my mother and her 5 sisters - Deborah, Darlene, Barbara, Patty, and Jackie - get together and have a tea party, normally hosted by Aunt Patty. Yes having that many women in a room together must be quite dangerous and who knows what kind of things they conjure  up. Also, yes I have a large family, at one point I tried counting my cousins, got to 40 and gave up because it's always growing - it's a blast around the holidays. The party is very elegant and traditional, or at least I imagine it to be. They go over the years happenings, what children have gotten into trouble, what children have achieved, and what trips they have planned for the upcoming year. I've always wanted to attend since it seemed so secret and mystical to me as a child. This year I whipped up a batch of the most elegant tea cups that could relate to Christmas and a batch of my famous lemon-lime macarons with a  tangy lemon-lime curd. I'm told they were loved and adored by all sisters of the Argent clan - now what secrets and mystical spells were worked up by the sisters is yet to be known, but I vow I will discover their activities one day!! 

*tosses hair over one shoulder with a hip thrown to one side*

What an Eclectic Christmas Platter!!

Now I'll be the first to admit that making a batch for someone without a design prior to baking or decorating makes doing cookies ten times harder. When you just say "oh I'll figure out the design once I've got the icing done" - no no no no, don't do this. You end up pulling your hair out because it's 4am and you're still not finished. Either way, these were still very fun to do as all cookies are. They were for a friend's Christmas get together. Have a. Look-see below and click the link "read more" to see some up close! :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peacock Love

So this is a story all about how...peacocks became a small and amazing obsession for my Momma and I. When I was 16, in the summer before my senior year of high school my family decided to move just 20 minutes up the freeway to the teeny tiny town of Rainbow (population 1109 people, 1 stop sign, and 1 gas station). I know, I know, this is pretty big compared to some of those small towns back east - believe me, I'm flabbergasted at how some of my customers (real world job) tell me about their town that only has 200 people in it!! My high school graduating class was almost 1000 kids!! Alas, I digress, size is by a girth unit. 

Anywho - Momma and Daddio decided that since the kids be grown why not buy a little somethin' for themselves to come home to! Love the house, despite its age - ie. wear and tear, it has some character and a lot of good quiet. If you need to get away, just call up Momma Judie and she'll find space for you! Little did we know, however, that the neighbors owned some peacocks and seeing as no one was about to go around trying to catch them every time they wandered off, they become "domestically wild" as I like to call it. Probably due to the ample amount of space on our side of the fence, the peacocks prefer to stay in our yard most of the time. If you ask Momma Judie she'll just tell you that she's much nicer and prettier than her neighbors and so thats why they would prefer to be on our side (pretty true!) 

We love (almost) everything about the peacocks. The leave tons of peacock feathers all over the place (try buying these in stores - they're crazy expensive for real ones), they're normally friendly, and they keep the rodents away most of the time. The only drawback is if you know birds, you know they have a certain lack of control - bladder and poopoo control that is. So that stuff tends to end up all over the place, which is pretty craptastic - especially when the pups try to ...well, you know. 

Despite their poo-centered lives, peacocks are one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen and they have truly become a favorite of mine over the years (and Momma's!) So for her birthday this year I made her some of her very own peacock cookies. She loved them and man did I have fun making them!

I found a wonderful tutorial from Montreal Confections for these cookies and I can't thank her enough for such a wonderful tutorial. Her creations are always an inspiration!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sassy Kitties

Hello little miss sassypants!
I cannot tell you how many times my mother called me that growing up - and I guess it stuck because look where we are now? Bein' sassy, makin' cookies!...pants...sometimes. Trust me, you'll hear a lot about my wonderful amazing and talented mother, but for now, how about some kittiecookies! I found these on pinterest and would love to link the original owner of the design, but the link took me to an error page unfortunately (if you're the artist, let me know!!!). Here is what I modified to for a friend who loooves me...yes, I'm a cat lady - but when you work from home it is just expected, so no judging!!